snapshots of europe #5 – florence, livorno and pisa.

Florence, what a city! Italy as a whole was a fantastic country to visit, especially in summer. The lines themselves were not too bad, I only waited for about 1hr in line for the Uffizi museum, a stunning gallery with a lot of work.

Piazzale Michelangelo provides scenery all across the city and the hills. It’s a bit of the trek to the top but the views are definitely worth it. Palazzo Pitti is also a worthwhile visit, it’s huge and provides glorious views over the city. It also houses the Boboli Gardens.

Florence Pizza
Florence - Arno River
Also decided on a whim to see Editors headline the Italia Wave Love Festival in Livorno (not far from Florence) – about 1hr by train. It was a great show, complimented by a solid 1.5hr set. Don’t have any pictures unfortunately as I didn’t take my SLR (that was left back at the hostel). But here are a few from Livorno (sorry for the poor quality!):

livorno coastline
italia wave love festival, livorno
livorno pizza
italia wave love festival, livorno
italia wave love festival, livorno
So lucky I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to see Editors, great great band. Looking forward to when they come back to Australia.

The day of the festival I was in the region and decided to make a half day stop over at Pisa just to check out the sights. Here are a few snaps:

pisa, italy
leaning tower of pisa
tourists posing at leaning tower of pisa
The Tuscan region in Italy is a truly stunning region to visit. Pisa only requires half a day, a day at most. Florence a good 2-3 days and Livorno is also worth dropping by. I only wished I had stayed longer to enjoy the coast and soak up the sun and beaches.

– PX.


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