snapshots of europe #8 – pickering.

Pickering, a quaint little town of about 7000 nestled in North Yorkshire. You’re probably wondering what the heck I’m doing here. The reason is because one of my favourite bands, Keane, is playing a gig as part of their Forest Tour. When I was planning my trip, they announced it, and I thought to myself, perfect. Chance to see them again and to visit some English countryside – which might I say is freaking amazing. So beautiful. I only allocated one afternoon to the little sidetrip. I got on the train at 1330 from King’s Cross and got to Malton at about 1600, then I caught a bus to Pickering, took about 30mins from memory. I only had chance to visit Pickering Castle, a 5min walk from the city centre up some side streets. It has some fantastic views over the English countryside, I was very impressed. Then off I went back to the town, grabbed some fish and chips at the local pub and then caught a taxi with a few people I met on the Keane forums – 3 friends from Scotland and a couple from Russia, and me, the Aussie from a million miles away. The venue, Dalby Forest was idyllic, perfect actually. The support bands “Everything Everything” and “Helio Sequence” were impressive, in particular the latter. Keane came on with a roar from the strong crowd and played a solid 100min set littered with hits such as “Everybody’s Changing”, “Is It Any Wonder?”, “This Is The Last Time”, “Somewhere Only We Know” and “Bedshaped”. New songs from the Night Train EP also made an appearance, most memorable was “My Shadow” which ended the main set. A highly enjoyable night. I slept well that night and was up at 0630 the next morning to get back to London St Pancras Station for the Eurostar to Paris – will feature Paris in the next snapshots series.

Full setlist.

        1. Back In Time
        2. Bend And Break
        3. Again And Again
        4. Nothing In My Way
        5. A Bad Dream
        6. Clear Skies
        7. This Is The Last Time
        8. Stop For A Minute
        9. Try Again (acoustic)
        10. Hamburg Song (acoustic)
        11. You Haven’t Told Me Anything
        12. Everybody’s Changing
        13. Your Love
        14. Is It Any Wonder?
        15. You Don’t See Me
        16. Perfect Symmetry
        17. Spiralling
        18. Somewhere Only We Know
        19. My Shadow
        20. Bedshaped
        21. Crystal Ball

Here are some pics from Pickering and the concert for your enjoyable. Sorry for the pics from the concert – only had my P&S with me 😦

Dalby Castle, North Yorkshire
Pickering Castle, North Yorkshire
Pickering Castle Panorama, North Yorkshire
everything everything, dalby forest 2010
helio sequence, dalby forest 2010
keane, dalby forest 2010
keane, dalby forest 2010
A great side-trip, if you ever get the chance to see the band(s) you love, visit somewhere new, go for it. Take a chance! Take the road less travelled and that will make all the difference!

– PX.


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