snapshots of europe #9 – paris.

I think, looking back, Paris was one of the best cities I went to in Europe. At the time and throughout the trip, I don’t think I enjoyed it as a city very much. Looking back, it was probably one of the best, with lots of happy memories – one I remember vividly was bartering with one of the street vendors of champagne under the awning of the Eiffel Tower. So many good places to visit in Paris, such good museums, obviously the Louvre, but also Musee D’Orsay (which I found surprisingly interesting). Food was hit and miss, but the place where we ate on the final night was amazing – Le Coude Fou (aka the crazy elbow??? – any french speakers care to correct me?). Anyway some pics:

pompidou centre, paris
louvre pyramid, paris
sacre coeur, paris
louvre, paris
lunch time, paris
eiffel tower, paris
night view from eiffel tower
PS Versailles was amazing, one of the best parts of the trip!
Paris, je t’aime. That is all.

– PX.


5 thoughts on “snapshots of europe #9 – paris.

  1. Hi there! Glorious pictures of Paris! And yes, Le Coude Fou means The Crazy Elbow (it could also mean The Mad Elbow but prolly not likely for a restaurant ahah!). It’s easy to get crap food in Paris in touristic areas. I’m glad if you had to taste the real stuff!

    • Thanks Orel! I checked quite a lot of reviews and Le Coude Fou got some really good reviews, so decided to check it out. Can’t wait to be back 🙂

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